Thursday, September 14, 2017

Doren - our holiday home

By far the most picturesque of our three holiday homes on this trip, Doren lies about 15 miles from Bregenz. Fields in front, fields behind, wonderful balcony views and walking distance of the restaurant / pub.


And so to Appenzell, the most traditionally Swiss of all Swiss towns with its decorated houses and biberfladder and cheese. When we were there, the sun shone and there was music in the square.

The mountain behind is the Santis, the highest mountain in north east Switzerland.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Stein am Rhein

Not many people around a cold and drizzly Stein am Rhein (where the Bodensee becomes the Rhine again) but I did come across this rather snooty Swiss cat, who completely rejected my advances.

The Rheinfall

On a somewhat rubbish day, weatherwise, they decided that if we were going to get wet, we might as well get really wet. So a long drive to Schaffhausen and a boat trip up to the Rheinfall, which is Switzerland's Niagara. Okay, a lot smaller but the pressure of the water is still quite impressive when seen close up.

Monday, September 4, 2017


Bregenz is a town in Austria at the eastern end of the Bodensee. The Bodensee is really just a place where the Rhine gets very fat. Every year on the lakefront, they have operatic concerts on a large stage, usually in August, but during the rest of the year you can just amble in and relax on the seats.


Moving north, our next stop was in the area known as Bregenzerwald in north west Austria. From Bregenz, we caught a ferry across the Bodensee (Lake Constance) to Lindau in Germany. It is not far from Friedrichshafen, the Zeppelin centre.

Bucket lift, Laveno

Well, this was one for the scrapbook - going up a mountain in a bucket. This is in a place called Laveno on the eastern shore of Lake Maggiore and the cable car is called the Sasso del Ferro Cable Car. Fantastic views over the lake and beautiful weather. I'm glad I did this. It was on my bucket list.